Winter tyre and wheel promotion for your Mercedes-Benz van.

New profile for the new season.

Taken care of with the wheels and tyres promotions for my van.

Change to winter tyres and complete winter wheel sets now!

Mercedes-Benz Service

Your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner quickly and reliably changes the wheels and, if required, will also store your summer wheels until next year. This saves you time, space and effort.

Our qualified employees also check the tyres for damage, measure the tread depth and store the cleaned wheels in ideal conditions. It goes without saying that we will inform you in due time about upcoming wheel changes.

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

We also provide you with matching winter tyres and Mercedes-Benz Genuine complete winter wheel/tyre assemblies.

Benefit from more secure road adhesion and optimum steering characteristics. Thanks to special rubber mixtures and special tread systems our genuine winter wheel and tyre assemblies and matching winter tyres also ensure shorter braking distances in wintry conditions.

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