Free-of-charge vehicle check for your van.

Free-of-charge vehicle check for your van.

Find out now and make an appointment at your Mercedes-Benz Service Partner!

Our free vehicle check gives you the reassurance that everything is running smoothly with your van. Simply bring your car to your Mercedes-Benz authorised workshop and have its technical condition checked.

The check-up "traffic lights" show you how to proceed at a glance:

  • Components that are marked red should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.
  • Marked in yellow are components that you should keep an eye on for the availability of your car.
  • Parts marked in green are in a good condition; there is no need for action here.

Your advantage: you will then receive the result of the check via mail, documented with photos or videos. This allows you to see, at a glance, which service work is necessary and recommended. You can then simply and time-effectively approve the necessary service work online – without having to go down to the workshop or calling.

The following components are included in our free vehicle check:

  • Interior: horn, windscreen washer reservoir, seatbelts and parking brake
  • Exterior lighting: headlamps and headlamp glazing
  • Vehicle exterior: windscreen, exterior mirrors and windscreen wipers
  • Components under the bonnet: oil and brake fluids, coolant, fan belt and battery
  • Components under the vehicle: steering, suspension, powertrain
  • Brakes: front/rear axle brake pads, front/rear axle brake pads
  • Wheels and tyres: front/rear axle wheels and tyres, spare wheel

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