Mercedes-Benz trucks for construction transport.

New Arocs for construction transport.

The more than 110-year tradition of Mercedes-Benz construction vehicles is impressively continued with the new Arocs: a combination of efficiency, power and robustness makes the new Arocs sustainable and unique.

New Atego for construction transport.

The ideal all-rounder for the building-materials industry: The new Atego is robust, manoeuvrable, spacious and available as a dropsider, 3-way tipper, all-wheel drive or skip loader. It is particularly suitable for operations in dense urban areas.

Atego in construction transport.

With a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 to 16 tonnes, the Atego above all impresses with its powerful engines, manoeuvrability and compact construction. Which makes it the ideal truck for landscaping, urban construction sites and wherever space is very restricted.

Actros in construction transport.

Your versatile partner for heavy construction operations: configure the Actros just as you plan to use it – and benefit from the low consumption of the engines with BlueTec® SCR diesel technology.

Axor in construction transport.

The Axor's ability to deliver great power even under high loads while consuming little fuel is due to its special design and the economical BlueTec® engines.

Zetros in construction transport.

Outstanding traction, a high transport capacity and robust large-scale production technology. With its uncompromising configuration as an AWD heavy-duty vehicle, the Zetros is able to negotiate even the most difficult terrain en route to a construction site.