You have always wanted to drive a new Mercedes-Benz, but want to remain financially flexible?

If you opt for our leasing scheme, you have the use of a modern and reliable commercial vehicle. At the same time you retain your financial flexibility, as no capital is tied-up. And thanks to constant rates you always have a clear view of your finances.

You only pay for the use of the vehicle. Therefore you benefit from attractive monthly rates. When making the contract you choose the vehicle mileage, duration and a special leasing payment if appropriate. At the end of the contract period you return the Mercedes to your dealer and can change directly to a new model if you wish.

Benefits for you.

  • As a business customer, you are able to offset leasing payments against tax
  • Free GAP underinsurance protection included. This covers you in case of a total loss or theft. We not only pay you the current value, but also any difference between the redemption value of the leasing contract and the amount paid by the insurance company.

Payment by the insurance company is a  precondition for the GAP underinsurance protection to become effective.