Truck insurance.

Want the best possible coverage in any situation? While saving money?

Mercedes-Benz truck insurance offers you all-round protection with attractive premiums.

The claims gradation model – transparent and fair.

Initial premium:
When concluding your insurance contract you benefit from your current no-claims category (SF). To this end you are first placed in one of three groups:

  • up to SF 3 you start with a premium rate of 80 %
  • from SF 4 to SF 9 you start with a premium rate of 60 %
  • from SF 10 you start with a premium rate of 40 %

No-claims bonus:
If you make no claims for a full year, we reduce your SF by one category - to 40 % as a maximum.

In case of a liability or comprehensive insurance claim, and depending on the severity, you will be placed in the next higher category in the following year - to a maximum of 120 %.

Exclusive benefits when also concluding a leasing agreement.

We take over the entire claims administration process:

  • Appointment of an expert appraiser
  • Commissioning the repair work
  • Examining the claim to ascertain responsibility
  • Settlement with the comprehensive insurer
  • Claim administration versus at-fault third parties via a lawyer