The new Antos


A new class of truck for a new era in transport.

The new class of truck in heavy-duty distribution - ensuring your business is profitable and economical with CharterWay Service Complete.

Keeping downtime to a minimum is of crucial importance for the owner of a haulage operation.With a full-service contract for the new Antos this can be planned in - saving on stress: all elements of maintenance, wear and tear and repair are covered by a fixed monthly instalment. CharterWay Service Complete is the most comprehensive service solution, as not only are all components and equipment for the vehicle covered, but the replacement, maintenance and repair of all wear parts is part of the package too. The service contract thus covers all maintenance and repair work on the drive system and vehicle (with the exception of damage due to external force and work on attachments and bodies) for the duration of the contract or for the mileage agreed (without additional options).

The monthly instalment for the service agreement has stayed at the same rate as for the popular and proven Actros Euro V – despite the extensive list of new technical features on the vehicle, such as for the exhaust system, engine or radiator. In addition, the range of services offered with CharterWay Service Complete for the new Antos has been markedly improved:

  • Contract duration raised to up to 96 months
  • Maximum mileage extended to up to 750,000 km

In this way you can plan your repair and maintenance costs - and thus your mobility too - over the long term.

Overview of services

Flexible service offers for both individual and fleet customers.

Mercedes-Benz CharterWay has some special service solutions for you - regardless of whether you're a one vehicle operation or you want a solution for the whole fleet. They allow for a high degree of flexibility and individuality that could only come from the company's own service arm. Regardless of whether you opt for a simple warranty extension or for a comprehensive full-service contract, with Mercedes-Benz CharterWay you can get every service element you could need for the Antos from a single source. On top of this, if you bundle this together with a low-cost leasing package, you will be spared many administrative tasks and can thus concentrate even better on your core business. The compelling range of CharterWay services for the new Antos:

  • A transparent calculation giving simple cost planning and control thanks to instalments determined and fixed from the start
  • Preserving your liquidity when acquiring the vehicle
  • Outstanding vehicle availability and thus mobility
  • Contract length to suit you
  • Customer service throughout Europe from knowledgeable Mercedes-Benz dealers and Service Partners