Service SelectPlus

The extended vehicle warranty which includes maintenance


Basic cover and maintenance at a fixed price

Service SelectPlus combines the warranty extension of Service ExtendPlus with the maintenance services of Service BestBasic. The result: comprehensive security of calculation and full securing of fleet operator risk, since all service and maintenance work – except the replacement and repair of wear-and-tear parts as well as the inspections required by law – is already included.


  • Claims processing via CharterWay
  • CharterWay ServiceCard
  • Invoice auditing

Additional options:

Including towing costs and mobile Mercedes-Benz Service24h


The insurance covers:

  • The scope of all maintenance work is as shown in ASSYST (Active Service System) or the maintenance sheet that comes with the vehicle incl. spare parts, oils and grease.
  • the engine, transmission and power take-off units
  • driven axles*
  • shaft assembly
  • Factory-installed engine retarder (electric / hydraulic)
  • exhaust system, catalytic converter, soot particulate filter
  • fuel system
  • clutch release bearing and braking*
  • Chassis
  • Steering
  • suspension and damping
  • instruments / monitoring devices
  • air conditioning, electronic convenience features, safety systems
  • cooling systems and auxiliary heating

* Implements and attachments and wear parts not included


Your benefits:

  • All the extended warranty and maintenance services at cheaper rates than if taken out individually
  • Manageable costs
  • Reliable cost planning
  • Regular vehicle maintenance with Mercedes-Benz quality.
  • For periods of up to 48 months and service coverage of up to 600,000 km
  • Combinable in CharterWay Service Leasing
  • Ensuring value retention