Service ExtendPlus

The extended vehicle warranty.


The follow-on warranty. Covered for the future.

The ExtendPlus service extends the warranty on the whole vehicle. The protection includes individual, defined parts of the liability for material defects offered on new vehicles. For a fixed price it offers protection against unforeseeable repair costs with no excess payable.


  • Claims processing via CharterWay
  • CharterWay ServiceCard
  • Invoice auditing


The insurance covers:

  • the engine, transmission and power take-off units
  • driven axles*
  • shaft assembly
  • Factory-installed engine retarder (electric / hydraulic)
  • exhaust system, catalytic converter, soot particulate filter
  • fuel system
  • clutch release bearing and braking*
  • Chassis
  • Steering
  • suspension and damping
  • instruments / monitoring devices
  • air conditioning, electronic convenience features, safety systems
  • cooling systems and auxiliary heating

* Implements and attachments and wear parts not included


Your benefits:

  • Extended vehicle warranty for defined parts and assemblies
  • Manageable costs
  • Reliable cost planning
  • For periods of up to 48 months and service coverage of up to 600,000 km
  • Combinable in CharterWay Service Leasing