Product options

Our Service Leasing products can be cleverly supplemented with individual modules

Whether you are interested in an insurance product or an administrative or additional service - you can get it all from us.
Below you will find a selection of the extensive options available to you from our Service Leasing product range.

Our product options:

Option Description
Gap insurance coverageYour lease vehicle has suffered an accident with total loss, or has been stolen? In this case the so-called underinsurance gap coverage applies, which is designed to cover the financial shortfall between the insurance settlement and the market value of the vehicle.
Provision of replacement vehiclesDo you have a consignment to deliver against a deadline, but can’t deploy your vehicle because of a breakdown or repairs? No problem: our replacement vehicle option will provide you with a comparable vehicle within a timeframe defined in the agreement, which will enable you to carry out with your transportation job.
Towing serviceIf your vehicle has broken down and cannot be repaired on the breakdown spot, we will tow it to the nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz workshop. However, this does not include vehicle recovery in the event of an accident.
Tyre serviceIn today's transportation business, well-maintained tyres are essential if you want to be forearmed against unforeseen outages. With this service we take on the tasks of checking and changing tyres, and coordinating workshop appointments, for you in your home country.
Tyre replacementDue to high mileage and legal provisions, it is important to keep a particularly close eye on vehicle tyres. Our tyre replacement option gives you the cover you need, both for regular replacement as well as for flat tyres.
InsuranceWe want you to be absolutely safe, not sorry - which is why we offer essential services such as part, comprehensive and third party liability insurance cover directly. The scope of insurance cover is in each case tailored to your needs and your situation. In this way you get the insurance alongside the vehicle when you buy from us - everything from a single source, and all in typical Mercedes-Benz quality.
Invoice checkingIn the course of your vehicle's life cycle, it will come into our workshops for both planned and unforeseen work to be carried out on it by our workshop specialists, and the work carried out will be invoiced. We can take on the job of checking these invoices and cross-checking against the scope of your service package agreement. If there are any variances, we will contact the workshop on your behalf and will inform you about our efforts on your behalf.
Customer reportingCustomer reporting takes the form of regular reports on your vehicles, fleet and agreements with us, giving you complete transparency with regard to your ongoing fleet and allowing you to concentrate completely on your core business.