More investment leeway: CharterWay Service Leasing

The complete solution that's just right: cheaper and safer.

CharterWay Service Leasing offers you tailor-made vehicle procurement and availability cover. It includes your own implements and attachments, all covered to the extent you require. CharterWay Service Leasing combines the Extend, ExtendPlus, BestBasic, Select, SelectPlus and Complete CharterWay Service products with classic leasing services to give extremely convenient mobility services.


  • Vehicle leasing and service from a single source
  • CharterWay Service Card
  • Invoice auditing
  • Vehicle management

The benefits really pay off:

  • You get the vehicle you want
  • The procurement and availability of your fleet are taken care of, employing a manageable amount of capital
  • Your company is spared all the administration that would normally be incurred
  • By combining service and leasing components you save money when compared to buying them in separately
  • If so desired, we can also cover vehicle insurance and radio licence fees in the agreement
  • Additional protection: our Service Leasing products protect you automatically in the event of write-off or the theft of your vehicle

Our leasing modules can be combined with the following service products as required:

Our service products: