Long-term rental


Excellent mobility - easy to plan for.

CharterWay long-term rental is a long-term solution if - for financial or tax reasons - purchasing, financing or leasing is not an option for you. CharterWay offers you a comprehensive service package, ensuring your mobility. And you can still configure your chosen Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle to your individual requirements in terms of colour, equipment etc. Without having to contemplate tying up capital. A fixed monthly rental rate means you have 100 percent certainty with regard to your fleet costs. And the longer you rent, the cheaper it gets. With an extra benefit: your line of credit stays unchanged in this case as well.


  • All repairs inclusive of wear parts
  • Scope of all maintenance work
  • Inspection work required by law
  • Component replacement
  • Tyre replacement and service
  • Provision of replacement vehicle(s)
  • Radio licence fees
  • CharterWay Service Card
  • Invoice auditing
  • Vehicle management


  • Vehicle insurance/vehicle taxes
  • Trailer tax surcharge



  • Vehicle rental incl. implements and attachments
  • If applicable, trailer surtaxes
  • Registration fees
  • Gap insurance coverage
  • Vehicle tax
  • Insurance


Your benefits:

  • Choice of vehicle specific to the customer's requirements (equipment, options etc.)
  • Lower expenditure and administration through the full service options
  • Lower investment costs as these can be planned month for month
  • The one-stop shop
  • Optimised vehicle usage - ensuring mobility
  • Lower administrative and personnel resources needed
  • Allowing you to concentrate on your core business