The V-Class.

Make your move.

Get in!

You'll enjoy every mile in the V-Class. It ensures that family journeys and business trips are even more relaxing.
Budding adventurers experience every moment even more intensely and shuttle passengers reach their destination as comfortably and stylishly as never before.

Practical cars can be so good-looking.

The V-Class is a real eye-catcher. Viewed from the outside, its unmistakable design is pleasing to the eye. A glance at the interior will impress you too: the interior is of a modern design and thanks to the use of top-quality materials and meticulous workmanship, it looks as good as it feels.

From size comes space.

Whether for the small joys of everyday life or simply for leisure, the V-Class is ready. With plenty of space and many good ideas for making variable use of the spacious interior.