AMG S-Class Sedan

Feel Intelligent Drive.

Not having to prove anything to anyone. And yet doing it every day.

For example, that resources need to be handled prudently. That the height of refinement is still some way down the road. That economy and luxury are not mutually exclusive, but go together perfectly. As if to prove this, the new S-Class now features a new engine generation. With the most intelligent assistance systems in its class. Designed to thrill body and mind.

Always quick to slows things down.

There are so many technologies that make our life faster. In the new S-Class one piece of equipment is premièring that can stop your world for a moment: optionally available ENERGIZING comfort control stands for the intelligent combination and activation of colours, sounds, lights, scents and even seat massages. Subtle vitalising or relaxing effects help to keep the driver fit and composed behind the wheel.

What’s the secret behind such composure?

Do you sometimes find yourself asking this question? No other luxury saloon so confidently treads the path between style and status. Finely drawn lines and striking details lend the new S-Class an even stronger presence, without it ever being intrusive. Does this style ring any bells with you?